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Film Festival


BAHC organized the first Bulgarian film festival in Chicago – Bulgarian Heritage Days. The festival included a photo exhibit by the photographer Ivo Hadjimishev, different Bulgarian documentary films about the various archeological monuments in Buglarina, and lectures and presentations by Mr. Jordan Detev in several Bulgarian schools. 

After the festival in Chicago, the films were taken to the Champaign University, where Lorita Ivanova showcased them in front of students and professors. 

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Fall Festival


BAHC participated in the Fall Festival of the Bulgarian American Association “Bulgarian Days in Chicago”.

For the first time ,BAHC also participated at the SPOTLIGHT of Chicago,2009, Chicago Cultural  Center.  More than 100 cultural organizations were part of the event. Their information was entered into a print and online catalog.

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Kiril and Methodius


St. Kyril and Methodius Day - a celebration of Bulgarian culture and Slavic alphabet – was held with an art exhibit of the Bulgarian  

children’s drawings ARTphabet in the office of Maria Papas at the City Hall, Cook County. The program included performances by ensemble Horo and the Balkan Rhythms orchestra. 

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BAHC organized an art exhibit called ARTphabet. Sixty four students from the Bulgarian schools in Chicago participated at ARC gallery&Foundation Education, Chicago with drawings of the Bulgarian alphabet. The children received recognition from the Bulgarian ConsulGeneral.

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Christmas 2008

BAHC organized an event with representatives of the State agency of Bulgarians Abroad. More than 300 students from Bulgarian schools were present. They received books and pictorial calendars while their parents learnt more about the activities of the agency. The Bulgarian dance ensemble “Horo” received traditional Bulgarian hats “kalpak”.

A Christmas Ball was organized with classic music from both Bulgarian and American musicians, like Rumen Arnaudov , Rosen Arnaudov, and Mark Sonksen.

A Bulgarian youth theatre was founded with the support of Tony Lukova and the participation of all Bulgarian schools in Chicago. The theatre is directed by Violeta Gindeva

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