Becoming a Member

The Bulgarian Center will offer a variety of services and opportunities for its members and guests:

  • Educational events and programs under the umbrella of the Magura Bulgarian Collective Center
  • Cultural and sport events through out the year
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Business events and networking opportunities
  • Free community events at Magura Library with Bulgarian literature and movies.

Without the active involvement of the Bulgarian communities the Center would not be a success. You can make a difference by:

  • Donating funds
  • Donating items or services, which to be auctioned to finance the project
  • Joining the Center as a formal member
  • Joining our Facebook page and spreading the news among all your friends
  • Participate in classes and programs that Magura center offers - our temporary home




Bulgarian American Heritage Center is non-for-profit corporation, registered in the State of Illinois pursuant to the Illinois General Not For Profit Corporation Act, 805 ILCS 105. 

Bulgarian American Heritage Center is organized and has been operating, since its incorporation in 2007, exclusively for charitable, educational, religious and scientific purposes. In furtherance of the foregoing purposes, the organization engaged in numerous activities devoted to:

• Preservation and fostering the Bulgarian heritage, culture, language, traditions, and customs in the United States through music, art, literature, dance, theatre, education, social events and other means, and

• Promotion and presentation of the Bulgarian folklore, cuisine, art, artcrafts, writers, artists, singers, history and culture among all people living in the United States.

It is our pleasure and initiative to invite all persons of Bulgarian birth and descend and all organizations, domestic or foreign, whether not for profit or otherwise, willing to engage in Bulgarian charitable projects promoting Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage in the United States, to join our organization as its member/s, in furtherance of our endeavors to create Bulgarian Memorial Parks in the United States. This initiative was developed during the last few years in the Bulgarian Community and abroad, and is firmly supported by the Bulgarian Consulate in Chicago who played the main role in consolidation of the idea and integration of the participants.

To turn this beautiful idea into reality, active cooperation by all members will be needed. The project is charitable and will serve the purposes of the organization to foster and preserve the Bulgarian heritage, culture, language, traditions, and customs in the United States.

Membership Applications shall be accepted through December 31, 2016

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